How many calories in kale chips?

You love crisps but are you afraid of them for your diet? You do not have to worry. Not all chips are too rich in calories. The kale chips is buzzing right now. At the same time, it is delicious and yet it also helps to lose weight. It’s a dream come true.

Kale chips and its nutritional value
Kale, the main component of kale chips, is a variety of cabbage. It contains very little calories, there is only 34 kcal in a cup of kale cabbage, making the kale chips ideal for a slimming diet. This same amount also contains 3 grams of protein, 6 grams niwali keto of carbohydrates and omega 3 acid. Kale also contains a high dose of vitamins A, K, C, B6, manganese, calcium, potassium and many other vitamins. other nutrients. Experts qualify this type of vegetable king cabbage for a healthy and balanced meal. By consuming kale chips, you will be able to enjoy all these components.

The benefits of organic kale chips
Because of the green color of this food, kale chips are very rich in antioxidants. She also has impressive properties. Indeed, it is a true anti-inflammatory. It is also a good antiviral and some studies have even shown that they can be very effective against cancer cells. Kale chips can also lower cholesterol in the blood to reduce the risk of cardiovascular events.

Why not healthy homemade kale chips?
Ingredients :
400g kale leaves with no stalks
60 ml of balsamic vinegar
50 gr of Parmesan cheese
The preparation :
Put in the oven at 150 ° C
Remove the stalks from the kale and break the leaves into small pieces in a salad bowl
Add the vinegar and parmesan cheese to the kale salad bowl
Place on a baking sheet and bake at 150 ° C for 15 to 20 minutes until the kale becomes crisp.
These dishes can also be cooked in the microwave if you want to avoid using the oven. For a vegan dish, you can substitute parmesan cheese with Dijon mustard.

The conservation of kale chips
Kale chips, like all other chips, are hard to keep. When they lose their crisp side and become all soft, they do not really want. We strongly advise you to keep your fresh kale in the fridge and to make crisps only when you have small cravings.

Kale chips are ideal to lose weight smoothly. In addition, they are endowed with other remarkable virtues for the health.

Umeboshi: benefits on digestion?

Umeboshi: benefits on digestion

Japan is an almost inexhaustible source of exotic and useful ingredients for your body . If you do not know it yet, umeboshi has some benefits that you could benefit from. It’s time to seriously look into his case!

What are its benefits on digestion?
The best-known virtues of umeboshi are simple: this fruit has antiseptic and antibiotic properties. Consumed regularly, it provides a considerable source of calcium , potassium and manganese.

It is often recommended during a detox cure because it allows to drain the body to eliminate toxins . By eliminating toxins effectively, you eliminate bloating problems and optimize your digestion.

Your body absorbs better what it needs and stores less fat and sugar. Be aware that a detox cure is only effective if you put in place a healthy diet model.

Eating balanced and varied is in any case a basic rule in nutrition.

How to enjoy its virtues in my healthy menus?
In the bio department, your umeboshi waits you wisely. With its strong taste resembling the tomato , it is easy to consume the umeboshi. It simply integrates a basic sauce recipe to accompany pasta, rice, meat, fish …

Moreover, umeboshi vinegar is very popular in Japanese cuisine, both in sauce and marinade! In a spread, it reduces the amount of salt consumed because its flavor is self-sufficient . No need to season more.

I need an idea for my next meal!
You can discover or rediscover this unique flavor in a dish easy to achieve: grilled mackerel , umeboshi sauce.

Ingredients for two people
2 mackerel fillets
1 beautiful black radish
2 tablespoons rice flour
Umeboshi sauce
A little fennel
Vegetable oil
Agave syrup
Cut the mackerel fillets in half before salting them and keeping them in the refrigerator Take the black radish, peel it and grated it Chop the fennel and mix it with the black radishTake the mackerel and roll it in the rice flour Before you return them to the pan in a little vegetable oil Take your plates and arrange elegantly fennel, grated radish, mackerel and finally your sauce to water everything.

Portrait of umeboshi
Despite its mysterious name, it is a fairly common fruit. Indeed, umeboshi is a dried plum variety that is originally reminiscent of an apricot. To better understand, the term “um” means Japanese fruiten and the term “boshi” means dried.

Once harvested, the plum is soaked in a jar for a lactofermentation. This process takes about 6 months. To flavor umeboshi, some mishi leaves are added to the jar before closing.

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Nutritional value and calories of white sausage

We often wonder if we should ban the sausage from its diet or not when we want to maintain a stable weight or lose a few pounds. It all depends on the type of sausage because the nutritional value can differ widely.

Le jus de choucroute permet-il de maigrir ?

Update on calories in white sausage
Let’s start with the nutritional value of this German charcuterie. For 100 grams of white sausages, you get 8 grams of protein and 4.5 grams of fat.

Add 1 gr of carbohydrates and 0.5 gr of fiber without forgetting 0.5 mg of sodium. In view of these figures, it is easy to see that white sausage is a caloric food. Concretely, it takes an average of 313 kcal per 100 grams.

White sausage: how much point WW?
No flexipoint or propoint has yet been granted to the white sausage proper. This is certainly because there are several variants. Nevertheless, you can refer to the Weight Watchers points attributed to sausages based on their composition.

The traditional white sausage is made with veal and / or pork. 100 gr of veal sausage equivalent to 7 WW points. For pork sausage, count 7 WW points as well. As a result, mixing these two meats leads to many points that can spoil your diet.

The white sausage is a little reminiscent of the pudding by its appearance. Your calculation can therefore be based on this basis. The white pudding is 7.5 points WW for 120 gr. If the black pudding is 8 points, the black pudding represents 12 points for a portion of 100 grams.

Therefore, caution should be exercised when integrating white sausage into your diet.

And the homemade white sausage, then?
It is true that the cooking method affects the calories ingested. If, for example, you opt for white sausages with a rich sauce, it goes without saying that you will exceed your daily (or even weekly) Weight Watchers points quota in just a few pieces.

It is therefore preferable to opt for Alsatian white sausage made from poultry. You can even cook your own sausage by following an easy recipe. Choose meticulously your ingredients. Turkey is the lightest option, but you can also take chicken to replace pork and veal.

Mix your meat with fresh herbs, possibly adding cheese to 0% fat. Shape the pudding and cook with the cookeo.

This version of the white sausage is also to grill on the barbecue or griddle according to your desires.

It is possible to incorporate homemade white sausage into a Dukan diet, vegan, a pregnant woman’s diet or a gluten-free diet. The key is to properly dose your ingredients so that your nutrition remains healthy. In addition, avoid additions of fat because the white sausage is already rich enough, especially if you opt for the traditional recipe.

The nutritional value of white sausage is reflected in a high calorie wealth. It is not prohibited as far as it is wise to replace it with less fat sausages. Remember to physically activate yourself and always follow a balanced diet to keep the line.

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Our tips for having a flat stomach in 10 minutes

Clementine juice 100% pure juice provides 52 kcal per 100 mL. It’s a sweet juice that is better prepared at home for immediate drinking or in organic stores for added benefits.

Calories and nutritional profile of clementine juice
Clementine juice 100% pure juice, namely the best since it contains the least additions, brings about 52 calories to 100mL. It is therefore a relatively caloric and sweet fruit juice (12g of carbohydrates), even if it brings interesting benefits for the body and the health.

In the context of certain diets, fruit and fruit juice are mostly discouraged or even banned directly in several phases or in the complete diet. This is the case of the Dukan diet or the low carb diet, because fruit sugars, even healthy, increase blood sugar levels in the blood and therefore promote weight gain and fat.

The rest of the time, drinking freshly squeezed fruit juice at home is far from dramatic for the line. Clementine or orange and lemon, these are natural drinks welcome to stock up on vitamins in winter or summer.

The benefits of clementine juice
Citrus fruits are rich in vitamins, including vitamin C, as well as antioxidants. This is how a pure clementine juice will bring the following virtues:

Help in the prevention of certain cancers
Prevention of cardiovascular disorders
Better bone health
Anti-inflammatory potential
That being said, it is advisable not to consume clementine only in juice, but also as such or in declination added to certain dishes or preparations.

Possible uses of clementine juice in the kitchen
With juice from clementine or another citrus fruit, 1001 options are possible! It can be transformed into jelly or homemade citrus mousse using a thermomix or conventional blender, make custom ice cubes, add a line to a vinaigrette to give a particular flavor to a salad …

For dessert, the juice can also accompany or infuse a cake. Finally, do not forget that this type of juice can be part of cocktail recipes when you receive unexpectedly. A blender, a few ice cubes, clementine juice and a spirit and you’re done! In moderation of course …

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How many calories in lamb curry?

Tasty, the lamb curry makes us travel to India with its mix of spicy flavors. But when you watch your weight, you also watch the menus: how many calories does the lamb curry contain? Good news for lovers: with lamb shoulder (252 kilocalories per 100 grams) and coconut milk (210 kcal per 100 g), this dish has a very reasonable caloric value.

Lamb curry, a light dish?
Not too caloric, lamb curry also has other slimming assets.

First, it is full of protein! If your slimming diet is high protein, this is a perfect dish for you. And in any case, the lamb curry is ideal to satiate you, and discourage sugar cravings.

Then, low in carbohydrates, the lamb curry does not jostle your blood sugar. A significant advantage, at a time when the impact of sugars on the silhouette is better and better known.

Recipe: easy lamb curry
800 grams of lamb shoulder
1 cs. poultry background
olive oil
1 organic tomato
3 shallots
1 tablespoon full flour
1 organic lime
ginger powder
a handful of coriander
30 cl of coconut milk
In a casserole, fry the meat with a drizzle of olive oil and the veal stock.
A foie gras lamb, take it out of the casserole and book it
Empty the casserole completely, then sauté the shallots.
Then add the meat, flour and spices.
Cut the tomatoes into cubes; squeeze the lemon and grate the zest.
Add everything to the casserole, ending with the coconut water.
Cover and simmer for 45 minutes over low heat.
Chop the cilantro, and add it to your curry at the end of cooking.
This dish can also be cooked in a tajine dish, or thermomix.

Serve with potatoes, sweet potatoes or butternut squash, as well as a vegetable wok of your choice: fresh spinach, organic carrots …

Adept sweet and salty? You can decorate your curry with fruits like banana or cashews.

And for the occasion, treat yourself to a little glass of red wine!

Is lamb curry with coconut milk dietary?
Rather light, the curry lamb also has health benefits … provided you do not abuse! Indeed, the lamb is a red meat: in order not to increase the risk of cancer, it is recommended to limit the consumption of this type of meat to 500 grams per week.

However, the lamb is not devoid of nutritional virtues: source of iron and zinc, it contributes to your daily intake of minerals, and also contains vitamins.

Finally, unlike yogurt lamb curry, our lamb curry with coconut water will suit

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10 tips and natural remedies for hot flashes

10 tips and natural remedies for hot flashes

Menopause is one of the most feared periods for women because of the unpleasant symptoms that accompany it . One of the most common and most emblematic is the hot flashes that can appear at any time of the day. To remedy this, hormonal treatments exist.

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But it’s even better to opt for a grandmother’s remedy that has already proven itself. Here are 10 and the tips to make the most of it:

1. The essential oil of sage
Clary sage essential oil is one of the most effective essential oils for treating hot flashes. It contains a molecule whose actions are similar to female hormones. To use, put a drop on bread or a neutral tablet, then swallow. Be careful not to exceed the dose of 3 drops per day.

2. The essential oil of evening primrose
Thanks to its high content of fatty acids , evening primrose oil soothes hot flashes by restoring vitality to the skin and restoring the hydrolipidic barriers that are weakened during the menopause. It can be used in the form of body care or consumed in the form of capsules as a dietary supplement.

3. Gemmotherapy
It is a therapy that is based on the use of two buds whose virtues are complementary: cowberry and raspberry. Blueberry stimulates the secretion of estradiol to reduce hot flushes and raspberry stimulates estrogen production . Take 10 drops of the mixture in a glass of water each morning for 3 weeks, observe a 7-day break and start again.

4. The papaya
It is an excellent remedy for grandmother to raise the rate of estrogen in the body . 2 to 3 slices a day will suffice to have the desired effects. The seeds of this fruit are also full of benefits. To enjoy, dry them, reduce them to powder and put half a teaspoon in your milk.

5. Osteopathy
Through pressure on several parts of the body such as the back, head, viscera, or the small intestine, this soft medicine reduces the imbalance in the neurovegetative system, and therefore hot flushes.

6. The gluten-free diet
In addition to reducing the risk of early menopause, the gluten-free diet reduces symptoms once the period is over . To adopt it, reduce your consumption of grain products (wheat, barley, rye, etc.), dairy products, legumes and manufactured foods. Consume primarily products rich in trace elements such as crustaceans, fish, oysters, whole grains , etc.

7. Cloves
Cloves are among the plants that have stimulating virtues for the uterus . Grill it dry for about ten minutes and consume half a teaspoon per day.

8. Chinese angelica
Thanks to their analgesic properties, the roots of this plant can relieve hot flashes because they act against pain and have anti-inflammatory properties.

9. The almonds
They are very useful for the body during hot flashes. To fully enjoy their benefits, soak them during the night, remove their skin the next morning and consume them.

10. Honey lemonade
This is one of the simplest solutions to calm your hot flashes. This drink gives the body a good dose of glucose to revitalize it . You can drink it cool to lower the temperature of your body. It is also useful during digestion.

Here ! So you now have 10 tips and tricks that are effective against hot flashes in the menopausal period. To find out which treatment is best for you, do not hesitate to try several at intervals. Finally, do not forget to move to stay in shape!


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How to eliminate red stretch marks?

How to eliminate red stretch marks

Stretch marks are the first enemies of women . And yet, the man is not safe from seeing streaks appear on the skin. The arms, stomach, buttocks and thighs are the parts of the body most affected by this plague.

Stretch marks change color over time.

At first, they are red, turn white and end up being silverier. They must be eradicated as long as they are still red, because the more time passes, the more they resist the remedies.

How to get rid of red stretch marks?
Very often, red stretch marks spontaneously begin to disappear within a year . The upper layer of the skin is rebuilding very slowly. The skin tries to heal itself, but in a rather sloppy way. A boost from you is needed to speed up the process. Especially since if you do nothing, you always risk the fact that the red stretch marks do not become white and therefore irreparable. What are the solutions? In cosmetic shops, there are creams and other anti-stretch marks more or less effective.

But a natural cure is a better choice. Opt for a vegetable oil rich in vitamin E that will make your skin more supple and tone . The scars will close faster and you will find a perfect body.

Sweet almond , coconut, jojoba and wheat oils are the best anti-stretch mark oils available and are suitable even for women during pregnancy and breastfeeding. Of course, you must always choose an organic product to be sure of its effectiveness. How to proceed ? Morning and evening, massage the parties concerned with the oil of your choice.

A mixture of lemon , avocado and honey is also a natural treatment against red stretch marks. Add 1 tablespoon honey and organic lemon juice in one half avocado . Mix well and apply on red stretch marks for 20 to 30 minutes before rinsing with warm water. It is to do again 3 or 4 times a week. Note that both remedies (oil and lemon mixture, honey and avocado) can be combined if you want. It is also necessary to hydrate to the maximum to restore elasticity to the skin.

The causal factors of red stretch marks
The causes of the appearance of red stretch marks can be numerous . Puberty, taking or losing weight too brutally, and pregnancy are the most common causes. Sometimes, a hormonal disorder or a prolonged corticosteroid treatment can also be at the origin of the formation of these unsightly tasks.

To better understand the phenomenon, the layers of the dermis tear, stretch and thin. These marks are the scars left by tears and stretching.

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Do the appetite suppressants make them lose weight?

Do the appetite suppressants make them lose weight?

Fashion is the appetite suppressant for weight loss, with priority those whose burn-fat effect would be particularly powerful . Do they really lose weight? In reality, no. It is the fact of better and less eating that makes losing weight, not the fact of consuming an appetite suppressant.

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The appetite suppressant is a diet ally, but it does not lose weight
As the name suggests, it is a natural product (sometimes organic) or drug to remove the feeling of hunger. In this sense, it will help to stay the course in a slimming diet sometimes difficult for the person, to avoid nibbling for example.

However, it is not the ingredient or the product itself that will burn fat and lose weight , but the fact of not cracking and sticking to diet diet.

Agar agar , fucus, carob seed or konjac are appreciated because they are supposed to cut the feeling of hunger without bringing calories. Among the natural appetite suppressants, we also find cottage cheese and yogurts at 0% , which are not devoid of calories but tend to increase satiety without increasing the caloric intake consumed during the day.

Appetite suppressants can have the opposite effect
Resisting a cracking, eating an apple or taking a medicine with the supposedly hunger-suppressing effect is a risk for the diet: the feeling of wanting to throw on something consistent 2 hours later.

The yo-yo effect can be extreme . Better always have to drink with you, add super ingredients to these fixed meals, and especially rebalance your diet for a long time without waiting for miracle products that make you lose weight.

The promises of the “most powerful”, “the most effective” or the “most effective” appetite suppressant, which would lose weight without changing one’s diet, regulate one’s emotions and practice even minimal physical activity are futile . Because an appetite suppressant, what is it? Something that does not teach the person to handle what happens when they are hungry, precisely.

What to take instead?
To lose weight serenely, without risk to health and especially in a sustainable way, it is better to add good ingredients to its daily diet (seaweed, light dairy, apples, walnuts, almonds, dark chocolate squares …).

Why and how does it work? These types of ingredients are not devoid of calories, but they bring real good things to the body and also do good to the head by playing on the variety of flavors. This helps a lot to succeed in your diet.

It is also important to seek the advice of a doctor and / or a nutritionist . The setting up of an effective program often involves the accompaniment of a professional, in particular when one is overweight or obese.

With this mode of action, the weight loss will not be magic, but there and especially durable.

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Do labneh and diet work together?

is not uncommon during a diet to question the relevance of this or that food. If for some, the answer seems obvious by nature, for others it is much more obscure. Today, let’s look at the case of labneh!

Spotlight on the labneh
But by the way, for the uninitiated, the labneh, what is it? Labneh is a Lebanese cheese made from goat’s milk or sheep’s milk. It contains just 135 kcal per 100 grams, which makes it a very interesting cheese for a slimming diet!

It also contains a reasonable rate of carbohydrates, fat and protein but very little fiber and very little salt. In Lebanon, the labneh is on the breakfast menu and is usually accompanied by a small trickle of olive oil. Visually, it looks like classic cottage cheese. It is also quite unctuous.

Labneh recipe
If you want to prepare one yourself, it is not very complicated. To do this, start by gathering some essential ingredients.

500 grams of yogurt (with goat’s milk)
1 teaspoon of salt
Take a container in which you mix the yogurt and salt. Then take a strainer that you cover with a line before pouring your mixture.

Then twist your fabric to squeeze the preparation. Then put your strainer in another container and slide it into your fridge for 12 hours. (If you leave to cool for 48 to 72 hours, you can then mold your cheese into small balls that you keep in a container filled with olive oil but it is much more caloric as you can imagine).

After 12 hours cool, your labneh is ready to be tasted.

Suggestions for presentation
Its low caloric aspect makes labneh a very interesting food. In its form of white cheese, you can obviously eat it as is or present on toast with some olives or germinated seeds for example. It is also possible to prepare a light and succulent sandwich spreading a little labneh on the bread.

You then have a light and original entry. Once modeled into small balls, labneh becomes perfect for incorporating vegetable skewers. It is therefore perfect to eat outdoors when the weather arrives. Quite simply, you can pour them into the heart of a salad.

The labneh is good and light, leave it a place of choice in your daily menus!

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What to eat at night for an effective mass gain?

Mass gaining means having a surplus of calories at the end of the day for future workouts. The idea is to provide our body with all the nutrients it needs to function and develop our muscle tissue.

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The evening is the perfect time to refuel, so what should you eat when you make a mass gain? This article brings you the answers on this subject.

Foods recommended in the evening to take mass
For an effective mass gain, it is necessary to exceed the average amount of 1900 kcal per day. However, that does not mean that you are going to eat anything and everything. Indeed, the only foods allowed are those rich in protein and carbohydrates to promote the development of your muscles. As such, eggs will be at the heart of your diet. An egg, whether made in omelette or on the dish, contains 6 g of protein and 1.1 g of carbohydrates.

The kebab is also your ally with 17.2g of protein and 77.1g of carbohydrates per 100g. Accompany these vegetable dishes for fiber and milk for calcium. It is no longer clear that your diet must be balanced. Here is an easy recipe to prepare based on the ingredients listed above.

An example of a dish to eat at night
This is an omelette kebab way as delicious as good for the development of your muscles.

3 large eggs
125 g minced meat
1 onion
2 tomatoes
2 pinches of powdered cumin
3 tablespoons olive oil
3 sprigs of coriander
Chop the onions and melt them for 2 minutes in a pan with 2 tablespoons of olive oil
Add the minced meat. For cooking, it will take 4 to 5 minutes, crushing it from time to time with a fork
Season with salt, pepper and cumin
Peel and remove the seeds from the tomatoes. Add them to the meat stuffing
Break the eggs into a bowl. Beat them with the milk and 1 tablespoon of oil. add salt and pepper
Heat oil in a frying pan on high heat and pour ¼ beaten eggs. Cook by bringing the edges towards the center
As soon as the edges start to take off from the pan, divide the stuffing with the meat and tomato. Sprinkle with coriander. Slide on a plate
Practice intensive physical activity in parallel
To avoid gaining weight, regular physical activity is essential. Mass gain can not be achieved without playing sports. This discipline is reserved for the most courageous given the sacrifices it implies.In summary, it is necessary to adopt a balanced diet while doing exercises intensively during a mass gain. The evening is the best time to eat in large quantities to allow time for your body to properly absorb the nutrients that are essential.

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